The easiest solution for more collaboration and flexibility in large workplaces

Why should you use FORMATION? Because only the interactive map of FORMATION provides your teams with everything they need to work successfully in today‘s demanding work environments.

Are you also facing these challenges?


Workers lose a lot of time while searching for materials, tools and more


Machines and tools are IIoT enabled but your team still works with pen & paper


More flexibility to quickly respond to changes is needed but your current processes can‘t deliver


Information is there but often kept in silos leading to mistakes and delays


A lot of time is invested in training workers but then they leave


Make sure you get the most out of digitalization projects

In recent years a lot was invested into smarter and more efficient equipment. But as current studies and research shows, this leaves out the biggest potential: your people. Only when combining innovative technology and workers can you harvest the biggest benefits.

That is why FORMATION focuses on bringing together all workers of your workplace and to empower them to work with and benefit from new technology.

3 important steps for your success


Digitalize processes

To increase your ability to quickly respond to new situations you need digital and flexible processes that give you a transparent and up-to-date overview of what is happening.


Combine technology & people

Most projects implementing new technologies don‘t deliver the expected results because they neglect to include the workers. Include your people in the solution to benefit the most.


Keep iterating & improving

Use your new flexibility to keep improving processes based on new abilities and insights. Only this way you will continue to stay ahead of your competition. 

Get your project from 0 to first success in no time

We want you to experience the first benefits quickly. That is why we run and manage projects always with your goals in mind. Following our proven project delivery method we turn your project into reality:


Getting to know each other

We are excited to meet you, to learn about your challenges and to answer the most urgent questions in a first online call.



We run a workshop with you to dig deeper on your challenges and to identify quick wins for you.


Your custom offer

Based on the workshop results we present you your individual project proposal.


Proof of value

Together we run a pilot project for 3 to 6 weeks to demonstrate the value that you will receive and to assure that everything is ready for the big day.



After a successful proof of value phase we roll-out the solution with you.

Ready to put your team on the map?