Things – you need them every day to get your job done. Unfortunately they are often hard to find.

Add smart & dumb things

Add IoT devices but also very old-school objects such as your tool-box to the map.

Adding smart things allows you to interact with them and to visualize their information such as their current status on the map to save you from walking there.

Adding dumb things allows you to share their location, define their status and to include additional information about them.

Moving & statics things

Whether your things are smart or dumb, they can also be static or moving. Add and track your moving things on your map to find them in no time. You can even be notified in case a moving thing leaves an area it is not supposed to.

Integrating static objects on your map helps you to find the way there or to share relevant information about them.

Points of interest

You can add Points of Interest for your team on the Interactive Map. Creating a POI allows you to share location specific information with your team.

A Point of Interest can be permanent or just temporary and will disappear from your map again after a given time.

Mark up your map

You can use markers on the map for things that do not need much further information.

Markers allow you to quickly create a visual representation with the name of a thing on your map. It builds a digital inventory of your e.g. fire extinguishers to help you find them quickly when they are needed.


You can use things in FORMATION to show their status on the map. This way a coworker can know if a forklift truck is available or busy at the moment.

Similarly Places and tasks assigned to People can have a status.

Let’s add things to your Interactive Map!