Man vs Machine

Live Talk Show | Sep. 14, 2020 | 11h00 - 12h00 CEST

How will technology change the future jobs of frontline workers? New technology in our age is not only a tool that helps frontline workers to be more efficient but has the potential to entirely replace large parts of our workforce. We will discuss how we can adapt as these new challenges and opportunities unfold.

Man vs Machine – Schedule

September 14th, 2020

11:00 am

Introducing todays‘ experts and our topic.

11:05 am
What is already changing today?

How is technology influencing the job of frontline workers today?

11:20 am
What is coming next?

What technology trends do our speakers see? How will they impact the work environment and jobs of frontline workers?

11:35 am
How can you prepare?

What can you start doing today to prepare your business to benefit from new technology?

12:00 pm


Meet Our Panelists

Marcus Goerke
Marcus Goerke

Executive Board Member, Next Data Service AG

Marcus Görke is a founding member of Next Data Services AG. A Berlin based company focused on developing AI tools for various industries. Before starting his latest company he also worked as a Senior Manager at PWC and UNITY AG where he helped many global companies with their digitalization strategies.

Marcus Görke will talk about his latest insights into the current status of AI in workplaces.

Ian Hannigan
Ian Hannigan


Ian Hannigan is a tech enthusiast and brings in more than 20 years of experience in building user centric products. Before Ian Hannigan started FORMATION he grew to help millions of designers build better tools and services.

Ian Hannigan will share his insights into adapting new technologies and how technology can help itself. 

Thomas Waldmann
Thomas Waldmann

Venture Manager, Würth Elektronik Group

Thomas Waldmann is a Technology Scout and Venture Manager at Würth Elektronik Group. Prior to his current position he spent 22 years at OSRAM where he worked his way up from Process Engineer and Consultant to Head of SP Services.

Thomas Waldmann will share his insights about the latest technology trends for industrial workplaces.

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Moritz Schröder
Moritz Schröder

Founder, Obob

Moritz Schröder is a serial entrepreneur with many years of experience in working in the IT and services industry. His latest company, obob, is providing digital tools for construction workers. Moritz Schröder will share his insights in challenges when providing digital tools to a previously very traditional work environment.
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Meet Our Host
Danny Holtschke
Danny Holtschke

Moderator, Self-employed

Danny Holtschke is a professional business facilitator and moderator. In his role as a Design Sprint Master he helps companies such as Google, Lufthansa and Siemens to find new and better approaches to their business.

Danny Holtschke will guide us through the topics and facilitate the discussion.

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