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The biggest driver of your success? Your team. Empower them to be able to perform at their very best.
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Your secret to standout performance

By bringing together innovative technologies and people, FORMATION enables better collaboration and more productivity for your team.


Keep the overview

Always know what is going on in your workplace.

A lightweight digital twin of your workplace

The interactive map shows you and your team a live overview of everything that is happening in your work environment. You can connect your machines, tools and more for a complete overview of what is currently happening.

Track orders, assembly groups and more

Track your orders, assembly groups or fork lift trucks and more. Know where they are and how long they spend at a specific workstations to analyze your workflows and identify bottlenecks.

Always be up-to-date

See your current tasks and meetings on the map to know what is next. Receive alerts and notifications when things change and need your attention.

Increase productivity

Use the interactive map to enable your team to achieve more.

Find, don‘t search
Search for everything and everyone in your workplace and immediately find what your are looking for on the map. No more wasted time by searching for tools, colleagues or materials. FORMATION enables you to reduce the time lost on searching today by up to 100%.
Get things done
Manage tasks for your team on the map. Let everyone know what, how and where to do it. Attach descriptions and images to prevent mistakes and delays.
Digital reporting
Use digital reports to make sure you collect all the data needed and to have it available faster. Adding images to reports allows you to get a more complete picture without having to write lengthy text updates.

Boost efficiency

Better processes and tools that help you run more smooth operations.

Less meetings
Using FORMATION to organize everyone’s work allows you to have less meetings and save everyone’s time. Minimize the need for e.g. daily stand up meetings and enable your team to start working right away.
Paperless workplace
Digital tools enable you to reduce your paper waste and printing costs as well as to speed up your processes.
Use QR codes or RFID chips to trigger survey reports and more on your mobile device instead of filling out and filing paper forms.
Become more agile
Digital communication and information exchange helps you to rapidly and flexibly respond to new situation. This way you can solve issue right away when and where they occur.
Continuously improve

Use your new location data and unleash its full potential. Keep optimizing your workflows based on new insights. Identify bottlenecks or equipment shortages and more.

More engagement by your workforce

Using modern, digital tools help you to increase your workers’ engagement and loyalty. Leading to better performance and less turnover.

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Better collaboration

Break out of information silos and empower your team to do more.

Break information silos
Instantly share important information such as new orders coming. Make the information available to everyone on the map to assure that it is also seen by other teams and shifts to avoid mistakes and delays.
Meet faster
If you have to meet in person FORMATION helps you by temporarily sharing your location with the colleague you are looking for. That way you can meet faster and waste no time searching.
Share information easily
Access via mobile devices assures that information can be shared by everyone from everywhere in your work environment. This way information is collected faster and allows quicker response times.

Improve safety & security

FORMATION helps your workforce to avoid incidents and act faster in case something did happen.

Report hazards to prevent incidents
Issue a warning on the interactive map to alert co-workers about current safety hazards such as oil spills.
Find safety equipment
A safety map layer helps you to find the closest safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, defibrillators and more in case you need them.
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