Interactive maps for more collaboration and flexible processes

FORMATION is a map based productivity tool build to help you collaborate with ease in large workplaces. The interactive map offers endless opportunities to make your workplace smarter and more efficient.

The interactive map

Easy to use

FORMATION is designed and build to be intuitive for users.

Works in- & outdoors

Big workplaces differ a lot. That is why FORMATION works for in- & outdoor areas.

Maps for buildings

Add all your buildings, update floor plans and control who can see what on your map.


Mobile & web solution

FORMATION is available as a native Android and iOS App as well as a web-browser solution. 

Technology independent

FORMATION supports all common positioning & tracking technologies from GPS to UWB.

Secure & GDPR compliant

FORMATION is fully GDPR compliant and uses highest security standards.

Everything you need to collaborate in your workplace


Manage your task on the map to know what, how and where to do it. 

The location and position of workplaces


Mark points on the map to share information with your team.


Schedule meetings with a colleague or the entire team and select where to meet.

Use the Interactive Map to find the indoor and outdoor position of what you are looking for in your workplace


No more searching. Find anything in your workplace right on the map. 


Use map layers to organize information on the map for different teams and projects.


Find the way in and between your buildings – even when you are new. 


Never miss anything. Notifications keep you up-to-date when something changes.

Things as well as objects and assets can be added to the Interactive Map for precise indoor positioning


Connect machines and more to your map to have an even more complete overview.

FORMATION can integrate additional apps and software into the Interactive Map


Integrate existing software systems to trigger tasks automatically and more.

More reasons for interactive maps

Increase your workplace safety

Use interactive maps to find safety equipment and emergency exits in situation where every second counts. FORMATION makes safety relevant information available to all users – no matter where they currently are.

Get in touch with us to learn about more ways in which FORMATION can help you and your team to stay save.

Analyze buildings & equipment

Unleash the power of location data. Gain new insight into how your facilities and assets are actually being used.
Identify bottlenecks in your facilities or realize when you have too many or too few of a specific type of asset. 

Contact us to discuss how location technology can be applied to solve your challenges.


Break information silos

Buildings and other workplaces are used by many teams with different tasks and challenges. FORMATION is build to help them all and to bridge the knowledge gabs between them that lead to today’s inefficiency.

Ready for your interactive map?