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Digital Workplace Tools

Digitalize your existing processes with the FORMATION Workplace Tools and streamline your company.

Create task in app

Task Points

Create tasks and incident points anywhere in your work place. Attach photos and comments to clarify what the task is about. Assign people, set due dates, track progress, and get notified when the job is done.

Task points are perfect for field reporting, production/logistics, and facility management use cases.

Rally Points

Use rally points to get your workers to where they are needed. Rally points are great for any kind of meeting, event, or spontaneous gathering in your workplace.

Meeitng in app
New Point in App

Info Points

Annotate your workplace with info points. Machines, doors, rooms, tools. Points can be static or move on the map as their location changes. Points can have links to documentation, photos, descriptions, and status updates from external systems. Including IOT and ERP tooling.

 Search & Tagging

Stop searching and start finding. Organize your points using icons, colors, shapes, keywords, your own custom fields. Use search and tags to find out what you need to get your job done and where it is in your workplace. Our smart ranking ensures the information you need is readily available.

Search in FORMATION app

 Scan to Interact

Use QR codes to save time and trigger action simply by scanning a code. Stop wasting time navigating complex menus, form filling, etc. You can interact with anything that you can stick a cheap QR code on!

FORMATION Scan to Track

Scan to Track

Never lose track of things again. Scan to update the location of portable objects, tools, and equipment in your workplace. Reduce  time and effort spent searching for things. Gain insight into resource utilization, bottlenecks in your work place, and efficiency of your team.

Scan to Book

Scan when you start using them and add a booking to ensure the resources are ready tor you when you need them. Maximize utilization of scarce or expensive resources like tools, meeting rooms, vehicles, parking places.

FORMATION Scan to Book
FORMATION Scan to Report

Scan to Report

Scan to create field reports for things such as spills, building faults, or broken equipment, etc.  Responsible people get notified. And when the job is done you get notified.

Scan to Onboard

QR codes at the reception and other designated areas allow guests to self-onboard and access basic maps, tools and info. Notify your employees when they are ready to be picked up.

FORMATION Scan to Onboard
FORMATION Scan to Verify

Scan to Verify

Use our in app QR code to identify yourself to others. This simple, low tech solution is cheap, effective, and as good as a passport. Protect your sensitive areas. Scan to verify can also work for guests and visitors.

Scan to Feedback

Scan to vote in polls, fill in questionnaires, or give feedback on almost any aspect of the workplace. The company gains insights and fosters a sense of engagement and ownership among the workforce.

FORMATION Scan to Summon

Scan to Summon

Scan to summon colleagues for assistance or to complete tasks together at your current location. This improves efficiency and futhers in-person meetings and collaboration within the workforce.

Additional Power Ups

While QR codes are great and very scalable, FORMATION can of course be enhanced using IOT hardware and integrations with your existing software platforms in your workplace. We can help you get started through our partner network with solutions for tracking, consultancy, and more. You may also  use our APIs to build your own custom integrations.

Live tracking

Live Tracking

Together with our trusted partners we provide integrated live tracking solutions for in- and outdoor work environments. Depending on your use case we select the one or more fitting technologies such as GPS, UWB or Beacons. Talk to us to discuss the best solution for your use case! 

IoT Integrations

You want to integrate live data from your machines or other devices to e.g. see their status or temperature? We got you covered. Wether you already have IoT sensors or still need the hardware, we can provide you with the right solution. 



Use our dashboard to get the most out of your data driven workplace. Analyze location based and other data to optimize your processes and resolve bottlenecks.
Track your KPIs, review your effectiveness, or your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy progress.