Privacy Policy


16th March 2022


FORMATION GmbH Workplace Technologies (afterwards FORMATION , we, our or us) is operating and any related software. FORMATION is a data controller and needs to gather and use certain information (data processing) about individuals (data subjects) that can identify directly or indirectly a natural person – the processing of a data subject´s personal data.

These include visitors to our website, customers, suppliers, business contacts, employees, and other people the organization has a relationship with or may need to contact for business or information delivery. This policy describes:



Which reasons do we have for processing your personal data?
Depending on the object of business we have different reasons for processing your personal data.
Such reasons can be:

  • preparing, performing and analyzing demonstrations of our software
  • improving the user experience
  • analyzing user behavior
  • informing our audience about news regarding our product and the industry
  • engaging potential clients
  • performing our contractual obligations
  • fulfilling legal requirements


Type of data

What personal data is being processed?
Depending on the depth of the business relationship, we collect personal data to provide better service and offers.
Such data can include:

  • personal data that can directly identify you, such as, but not limited to your name, your address, your e-mail address, voluntary responses to questions about your business and needs, your behavior within our software while actively logged in to an account.
  • personal data that can indirectly identify you, such as, but not limited to your IP-address, data we gather for statistical analysis (browsing behavior). We use multiple tracking tools to collect information about the use of our website. These include Google Analytics, LinkedIn, and Hubspot which provide an anonymous dataset that indicates how and where users interacted with our website, duration of visit, entry and exit points to our website and for those who have also opted in to Google’s Data Policy, demographic statistics about the user.
  • personal data that can indirectly identify you, such as, specific tracking of website use and behavior in response to emails or online ad behaviors who have opted-in to a further level of tracking of personal behavior as part of a request to better serve them as potential customers for our software platforms.

    We also collect information from mobile devices for a better user experience in our app, although these features are completely optional:

    • Location (GPS): Location data helps to create desired features and value adds in the app.
    • Camera (Pictures): Granting camera permission allows the user to upload any picture straight from the app, you can safely deny camera permissions for this.
    • Photo Gallery (Pictures): Granting photo gallery access allows the user to upload any picture from their photo gallery, you can safely deny photo gallery access for this.


    Location of processing

    Where the data is being processed?
    Our data is stored on servers provided by Google LLC, LinkedIn Corporation, Hubspot, Inc., Asana, Inc., Slack Technologies, Inc. with which FORMATION has order data processing agreements and which are all active members of the EU-US privacy shield.
    Where it is needed and only for as long as necessary is personal data also processed and stored on local machines such as laptop and desktop computers.


    Legal Purposes

    What is the legal purpose of processing the data?
    FORMATION only processes personal data when we have a legitimate purpose for doing so. These purposes vary with the different reasons and objects of businesses.

    Some of the purposes can include:

    • you giving us consent
    • processing is necessary for the performance of a contract
    • processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the controller is subject


    Rights of the data subject

    What rights does the data subject have?
    The data subject can exercise certain rights such as, but not limited to, the right to be informed what, where, and who is processing and controlling data by reading this privacy notice.

    Further rights can be exercised by writing an e-mail to our data protection officer who will answer all enquires in a reasonable period of time.

    Further rights include:

    • the right to the erasure of his or her personal data (the right to be forgotten)
    • the right to rectification of his or her personal data
    • the right to restrict the processing of his or her personal data
    • the right to receive all personal data concerning him or her in a commonly used, machine-readable format
    • all rights detailed in EU-GDPR Art. 12 – 23