Your workplace is the core of every Interactive Map – no matter if you work in a factory or on an open field.


By adding floor plans to the map you can use FORMATION for all your workplaces. Workplaces can be in a building or outside. They can even involve multiple floor levels.

Once in use, they get populated with location specific information to empower your team to collaborate more efficiently.

Check in & out

Geofences are virtual fences that we use to protect your workers‘ privacy.

Every workplace is surrounded by a virtual fence that assures that the system automatically logs out whenever you leave your workplace. 

It can also check you in again once you are back to work.


Use your Interactive Map to find your way.
If you are looking for a specific location in or around your facilities, the map provides you the best route to get there.

Location Status

Locations such as rooms can have a status assigned. The status, such as in-use or available, can be visualized on the map for better overview.

The status can also trigger notifications for your team – for instance if the room status is marked as dirty and needs cleaning.

With the location status you are making your workplace a little smarter – without any hardware installation.


Don‘t waste your time searching. Use your Interactive Map to find what you are looking for.

With FORMATION your get a digital and searchable inventory of everything on your map. So can find anything in you need quickly. 

Let’s set up your workplace!