Put your team on the map and empower them to work more efficiently.

Find colleagues

Share your location with colleagues on the map to help them find you faster. You can also switch your location sharing off at any time.

Task management

Create and assign location specific tasks. These tasks are always related to a location on the map to show where a task needs to be done.

You can even create a task that requires multiple locations. For instance when a box needs to be transported from location A to B.

Attach and write instructions for every task to make sure that there is no confusion on what needs to be done.

If you are responsible for a task you can change the status of it to show your progress.


Organizing meetings in large work environments can be tricky. Especially if your team is not yet familiar with the location.

Use the Interactive Map to invite a colleague or your entire team to a meeting. You can assign a specific meeting time and location to assure that everyone knows when and where to meet.



Use the chat in FORMATION to communicate with your team. You can easily exchange messages to share information or to ask a colleague for help.


Get notifications about what is going on in your work environment. Never miss a new task assignment or a meeting again.

These notifications can also be triggered by Places or Things that have been added to your map.

Let’s put your team on the map!