Manufacturing & Maintenance

Use Interactive Maps as a productivity tool for your workforce.

Manage teams in dynamic work environments

The new swarm intelligence

Unambiguous communication, seamless orientation in complex work environments and real-time coordination even of large teams – with FORMATION the daily work of your teams runs like clockwork.

Always up-to-date

The fastest way to the next meeting? A new task that needs to be completed urgently? Thanks to live updates, everyone always knows when something needs to be done. So your team members keep cool – and you always have the overview.


Track your assets

Find, don‘t search

What? Where? How? – A quick look into the app and you are up to date with your assets. Whether static or mobile, smart or conventional: the location and status of all machines and tools is tracked live at any time – for holistic planning.
Gain back up to 90% of the time that you and your team previously spent searching.

Better processes

Whether theft protection through GeoFences or faster finding of mobile tools – thanks to GDPR compliant analysis data, you learn to use your assets more efficiently and save time and money every day!

Minimize machine downtime

See incidents immediately

In case an incident does occur, fast and qualified help is needed. Thanks to immediate alerts you know what happened and where it happened – enabling you to respond quickly.

Rapid response

Instantly see which of your colleagues is nearby and coordinate your team on the map for a fast and successful intervention. Don‘t lose valuable time and avoid damages.

Enhance your workplace safety

Safety first

See areas with hazards such as oil spills marked on the map and be warned with alerts. Your team can also be reminded to wear safety gear in certain locations.

Prevention instead of aftercare

Mark hazard zones and ongoing maintenance work. You can also indicate escape routes and first aid locations directly on the interactive map – in case of an emergency, every second counts!

Digitize your workplace

Every change bears an opportunity

Digital enablement means to take away the fear of change – to inspire employees for the chances of digitalization and to make them fit for it! With FORMATION your team benefits from the digitalization of their working environment and a joint departure into the working world of the future.

Economics meets ecology

Thanks to digital interfaces, you can avoid paperwork, speed up lengthy processes such as stocktaking and minimize manual data entry. With just a few clicks you can find equipment or provide proof-of-work digitally.

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