Indoor Analytics & Data Privacy

Live Talk Show | Dec. 7th, 2020 | 11h00 - 12h00 CET

How can the usage and analysis of location data help to move your business forward? We will discuss industry use-cases of indoor analytics and how they add value as well as the current opportunities and challenges around collecting and using location data.

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Indoor Analytics & Data Privacy – Schedule

December 7th, 2020

11:00 am


Introducing todays‘ experts and our topic.

11:05 am
Where is the value?

What use-cases for indoor analytics do we see today? In which industries do they add the most value? How can machine learning help to increase the datas‘ value?

11:25 am
What about data privacy?

What location data are you allowed to collect and how?

11:40 am
How can your company benefit?

What are the best ways to get started? How do you leverage existing infrastructure for location data collection to improve your location intelligence?

12:00 pm


Meet Our Panelists

Teja Washausen
Teja Washausen

Partner, VP Smart Factory & Logistics UNITY AG

Teja Washausen is a Partner and the VP of Smart Factory & Logistics at UNITY AG. UNITY consults many DAX listed and other leading companies on their digitalization and innovation strategy. Before starting his position at UNITY he also worked 8 years at Lufthansa Systems.

Teja Washausen will talk about his latest insights into the current status of location intelligence for smart factories and use-cases in logistics.

Michele Dallachiesa
Michele Dallachiesa

Data Science & ML Engineering Consulting (Freelance)

Michele Dallachiesa holds a Ph.D. in computer science and has six years of professional experience including retail analytics, mobility intelligence, urban traffic optimization. The products he helped to build are being used by organizations such as Google X, CIA and NASA.

Michele Dallachiesa will share how he helps clients to discover and answer the right questions on location data with the tools of data science and machine learning. 

Ludger Hermanns
Ludger Hermanns

Manager Scouting & Co-Innovation, Bosch

Ludger Hermanns is Manager for Scouting & Co-Innovation at Bosch Connected Industry. In his 15 years of career at Bosch he has held various positions in Manufacturing, Logistics and Lean Management and today coordinates innovation projects for Industry 4.0 software.

Ludger Hermanns will talk about use cases of positioning technologies at Bosch and discuss how they are already used today and what the plans for the future are.

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Jan Lachenmayer
Jan Lachenmayer

COO & Co-founder, FORMATION

Jan Lachenmayer founded and led 6 of for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Amongst them location technology companies such as FORMATION and Meshine GmbH. As a management consultant he supported large corporations in organizational and team development as well as in future issues and change management.

Jan Lachenmayer will share the perspective of FORMATION on how location data is particularly useful for frontline workers.

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Meet Our Host

Danny Holtschke
Danny Holtschke

Moderator, Self-employed

Danny Holtschke is a professional business facilitator and moderator. In his role as a Design Sprint Master he helps companies such as Google, Lufthansa and Siemens to find new and better approaches to their business.

Danny Holtschke will guide us through the topics and facilitate the discussion.

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