Facility Managment

Manage large company premises and diverse user groups through collaborative maps
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Get your job done with ease

By bringing together innovative technologies and your facility management team, FORMATION enables better collaboration and more productivity.


Keep the overview

Always know what is going on in your workplace.

Your facilities as a lightweight digital twin

The interactive map gives you and your team a live overview of everything that is happening in and around your facilities. You can connect your building sensors, tools and more for a complete overview of what is currently going on.

Find your tools, building infrastructure and more

Use map layers to store important information about building infrastructure and more to have it available whenever and wherever you need it. You can even track tools that you are frequently searching for to never lose them again.

Always be up-to-date

See your current tasks and meetings on the map to know what is next. Receive alerts and notifications when things change and need your attention.

More efficient maintenance work

Use the interactive map to get things done faster.

Report issues

Mark new issues on the map as soon as you discover them. Assign tasks to your team and add descriptions and images to let them know what needs to be done.

Maintenance routes
See all the items that need to be maintained on the map. With the fastest route you make sure that you don’t waste time and that you don’t forget any.
Track your progress digitally
Do your reporting right there on your mobile device. Change the task status to indicate your progress or attach an image to explain an issue that you discovered. No more paper forms needed.

A better experience for your suppliers & guests

Make your external suppliers and guests feel welcome right from the start and provide them with the information they need.


More comfort and efficiency

Better information helps externals to have a great experience and to deliver better work when at your facilities.

Better way-finding
Using FORMATION enables your external suppliers and guests to find their way to the meeting room or location where they need to work with ease. No more waste from printed maps and feeling lost on large campuses.
Share information with ease
Share clear instructions about the job and where it needs to be done on your premises with your supplier. This way you prevent mistakes and assure that the information is available to them whenever needed.
Monitor the progress
Allow your suppliers to report their progress in FORMATION to save yourself time by monitoring tasks’ progress from afar.
Enable better preparation

Embed the map on your website to allow external suppliers and guests to prepare their visit comfortably before they arrive. Providing them with the good feeling of knowing where to go.

Secure & private maps

Be in full control of your maps.

Keep your information save
FORMATION uses rights based map technology that enables you to show different map information to various user groups. This way you can hide sensitive areas on the map from visitors but make them available for your team.
Creating a standard for your maps
With many buildings come many types of maps. We digitalize your floor plans and bring them together in one solution. This way you have a homogeneous standard for all your buildings.
Always up-to-date
Once digitalized you can quickly update your maps according to the latest construction work and see the changes in minutes. Every user immediately receives the updated map and you don’t have to worry about outdated maps anymore.

More engagement by your workforce

Using modern, digital tools help you to increase your workers’ engagement and loyalty. Leading to better performance and less turnover.

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Improve safety & security

FORMATION is also there to help your security and firefighters.

Map your dangerous goods
Use a specific map layer to make information about dangerous goods on your premises more easily available to selected users. This way they can make faster and better decisions in situations where every second counts.
Put your safety equipment on the map
Make the location of your safety equipment available to users to help them find defibrillators, fire extinguishers and more when they need them.
Respond faster to incidents
Issue warnings on the interactive map and raise alerts about current safety hazards such as oil spills, unattended bags and more. Easy information sharing and precise location information helps your team to respond faster.
Digitalize patrol routes
Use digital check points for your security team’s patrol routes. Keep a digital record and adjust the routes whenever needed.
Gout your team on the map!