Facility Management

Use Interactive Maps as a productivity tool for your workforce.

Make your buildings smarter

Machine intelligence

Many buildings are already equipped with advanced sensors for heaters, room usage and so on. Connect the sensors to your interactive map to get a quick overview of the current status and GDPR compliant usage analytics.

Human intelligence

Your team knows at least as much about your buildings as all the sensors do. Let your team share the status and location of rooms, equipment and more that don‘t have smart sensors yet. This way everyone knows what is going on and benefits from the shared knowledge.


Find, don‘t search

Don‘t waste your time

Using interactive maps also helps you to gain back up to 90% of your time that was spent on searching before.
There is no need to run through buildings looking for your colleague or searching for the right equipment. Simply browse your map and see the fastest way to get there.

Don‘t feel lost

Managing many big facilities can leave you a little lost every now and then. Interactive maps help you to find your way immediately, even in locations that you have never been to before.

Location based task management

Know where to do what

There is a door to be fixed in your building. But which one? Always assign tasks to a location on the map. This way you assure that your team finds the right location quickly and performs the right task.

Keep the overview

You don’t have the time to walk through the entire building to check on a task? Use photos as a proof-of-work and let your team change the task status to keep you up-to-date with their progress.

Faster safety inspections

Digital inventory

Create a digital inventory of everything in your facilities. Once you added a marker for something on the map or added a tracker to a tool you can find it easily via your interactive map.

Faster processes

Your yearly safety inspections take ages because your paper maps are constantly outdated? Use your interactive map to find all your safety equipment in no time during a safety inspection – or in case of an incident – and keep everything up-to-date with just a few clicks.

Access management

Smart locks

Is your building equipped with Bluetooth enabled door locks? If yes, you can use your interactive map to see which areas of the building you have access to and securely open doors with your smartphone. No more need for RFID cards.

Manage access

If you are managing the access for users you can provide access rights or decline them within seconds. The update is effective immediately. Access can be managed for everyone who runs the app on their smartphone – also for visitors and 3rd parties.

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