Facility Management

Use Interactive Maps as a productivity tool for your workforce.

Make your buildings smarter

Many buildings already have sensors for heaters, room occupation and other services. Use Interactive Maps to visualize these information to make it more accessible and actionable.

You can use FORMATION as an app with limited access for your tenants in the buildings. This enables them to benefit from indoor positioning and tools such as room occupancy but also lets them share relevant information with you. They can mark a broken light or a room that needs cleaning on the map. Thereby you use not only the intelligence of IoT devices but also of the human workforce on site.


Find, don‘t search

Get back up to 90% of the time spent on searching today.

Taking care of many large facilities also means that it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right room or location for your task. Use your time more efficiently by searching on the map and using indoor navigation to find the fastest route.

Location based task management

Assign tasks on the interactive map. The map allows you to choose the right location where a window needs to be maintained or a door fixed. Add instructions to the task to minimize errors or delays.

Keep the overview by seeing the status of tasks and wether any new issue needs your attention.

Faster safety inspections

Use FORMATION to create a digital inventory of your safety equipment. Making it easy and fast to find it for safety inspections.

Access management

Is your facility equipped with Bluetooth enabled door locks? Then you can use FORMATION to safely manage access.

Use your smartphone to securely open doors. Access rights for users can be granted and withdrawn at any time, making it also easy to also manage access for third parties who need limited and temporary access.

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