Use Interactive Maps to manage your team for big and successful events.

Boost your teamwork

Communicating tasks and coordinating a team in large event venues such as stadiums or trade shows can be a challenge. Doing it more effectively helps you to minimize errors and delays.

Use Interactive Maps to keep the overview. Assign tasks, see their status and arrange meetings with a precise meeting point and time.
Communicate with your team via chat instead and share your locations whenever someone needs to find you.

FORMATION eases your work routines and helps you to be done with the buildup on time and to run a successful event.

Enhance safety

Making sure that everything is safe during your event is of highest priority.

Use FORMATION to manage security staff and assure that all safety relevant positions are covered at all times.

In case an incident does happen the interactive map helps you to identify the closest paramedic or security staff member to alert and help faster.

You can also create a digital inventory of existing safety equipment in the venue to make it easy to find in case it is needed.


Find, don‘t search

Get back up to 90% of the time that your team spends on searching today. 

Always make sure that you and third party suppliers can find what they need to get the job done on time. Don‘t let them run around looking for a forklift truck or lifting trolley. Instead make it easy for them to find what they need on the map. Without searching and without having to ask you where to find it.

Prevent theft

Track your valuable equipment to prevent theft and financial damages. Based on our geofence Technology FORMATION alerts you when something leaves your venue when it is not supposed to.

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