Use Interactive Maps to manage your team for big and successful events.

Boost your teamwork

Manage teams in dynamic environments

Unambiguous communication, seamless orientation in complex event venues and real-time coordination even of large teams – with FORMATION the work of your teams runs like clockwork.

Always connected

The fastest way to the next meeting? A new task that needs to be completed urgently? Thanks to live updates, everyone always knows when something needs to be done. So your team members keep cool – and you always have the overview.
You can even grant limited access to external workers to coordinate and communicate better.

Enhance safety

Safety Equipment

In case of an incident every second counts. Assure that all your staff can find safety equipment quickly by marking it on the map. You can also mark emergency exits to help with faster evacuation.

Manage emergency staff

Manage teams like security on the map and assure that all safety relevant positions are covered at all times. Make it easy for the teams to quickly exchange location based information about incidents such as unattended bags and generate a record of all reports.


Find, don‘t search

Gain back time

Gain back up to 90% of the time spent on searching for tools, materials or colleagues today. Simply search the map to immediately see where things are instead of going on lengthy material hunts.

Don‘t get lost

Your team and third party workers get lost on your event premises? Provide them with an interactive map to assure that they find their way and don‘t waste their time.

Prevent theft

Secure your assets

Track your valuable assets on the map to make sure they stay where they belong and minimize damages caused by theft.


By assigning assets to a specific area you receive alerts once the asset crosses a virtual fence that surrounds the designated area.
Alerts can also be triggered upon the forceful attempt to remove the tracker from your asset.

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