• Jilles van Gurp
  • 7. Dezember 2020

The 7 Misconceptions of Mapping

Download our whitepaper: The 7 Misconceptions of Mapping .

Most of us use some kind of location technology everyday. We depend on it navigating to new places, finding good restaurants, shops or local services, using the most efficient public transport or even driving a better route avoiding traffic. It’s so popular that today the majority of smartphones have hardware features enabling reliable positioning. And now the popularity of Location Based Services (LBS) in our personal life is also impacting professional applications. Businesses around the world are making their work more efficient by adopting positioning technologies. There are a lot of great examples of really smart solutions optimizing workflows, providing better customer experience, increasing safety measures or giving better process control in some sectors like logistics, aviation, etc.

However, most industry sectors have yet to fully leverage location based services. Part of the reason is that a lot of business takes place in environments that are either poorly mapped, indoors, or otherwise hard to navigate with off the shelf maps and positioning technology.

Indoor location based systems have been in the market for over ten years now but use cases for these are so far limited to very specific industry sectors like e.g. logistics. We believe that commoditization of technology and software stacks in this space is about to change this and that this will unlock new use cases and will enable everyone to benefit from this great tech- nology.

When testing the waters with our early customers and pilots we noticed that people tend to have a set of pre-conceptions, expectations and assumptions about what that will mean for them based on their experience with consumer location based services.

This whitepaper explores this topic by challenging some of the common misconceptions you may experience and opening your eyes to the great potential of this technology . We believe location technology is going to be of great importance for businesses across essentially all sectors and are excited about helping you understand how you can integrate this into your business, improve the way you work, and mobilize your workforce.

Download our whitepaper: The 7 Misconceptions of Mapping .