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We help you solve your in- & outdoor location challenges.

About us

We are your leading experts for location technology and solutions. Our team combines years of experience as consultants for top firms such as BCG Digital as well as domain specific expertise from AI for location data to physics and geoscience.
For you we bring all this to the table to find the best solution to your location challenge.

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FORMATION Consulting Location Experts

Our Consulting Services

Problem Solution Fit

You have a location specific challenge? Then we can help.

We analyze your current setup and goals to identify optimal solutions for you – either great existing ones on the market or custom build to match your needs.

We do not just stop with a clear recommendation. We also implement new solutions to get you and your team started successfully.

Our Strength

Our team has a wide variety of skills and experience with multinationals, industrial research labs, SMEs and startups on the topic of location based and indoor services as well as other domains.

Additionally, our management founded and built multiple companies across several domains including indoor location, maps, and IOT.

Technology Selection

You know what to track and where to track it, but you are not sure what technology to use?

We analyze your scenario and provide you with a clear recommendation based on what you aim to achieve.

Our Strength

Our experts get the system up and running for you.

We also help you make sound technical decisions when it comes to picking the right cloud architecture based on your requirements and constraints regarding e.g. privacy & GDPR.

Further, we help you to make the best call when choosing between different positioning and asset tracking technologies, set you up with technical partners via our trusted partner network, or advice on suitable components in all layers of your system architecture.

Location Intelligence

You already have location data and would like to use it for e.g. process optimizations?

With our location AI and machine learning experts we provide advanced analytics tools to enable you to gain new insights and benefit from the power of your location data.

Our Strength

FORMATION uses a data driven approach for its own projects and products. We strongly believe in setting concrete and measurable goals for our company and then automating the process of monitoring relevant key performance indicators. Location intelligence is a key value we sell to our customers but also key to measuring our own performance.

We can set you up with popular solutions such as the Elastic stack, which we use internally for this, or competing technologies such as Grafana. The topic of observable software extends to location based software as well and adds some unique requirements and opportunities (e.g. geofencing).

We also have a data science and data engineering team and can help you to make sense of your (location) data.

Architecture Review

You already have a tracking or positioning solution but would like to know if it can do more for you?

We offer in depths reviews of your existing infrastructure and help you identify its strengths and weaknesses but also new opportunities for additional business cases.

Our Strength

Our team has built IOT and location based software for close to 2 decades and has experience with many solutions in this space as well as generally building and running cloud based software architectures for other companies.

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