• Jilles van Gurp
  • May 31, 2024

FORMATION QR Code ID Check: as good as a passport.

Paris is using the power of QR Codes for security during the upcoming Olympics that they are hosting. People that want to enter certain areas in Paris and close to the Olympic venues will have to show a QR Code to prove that they are allowed to be there. To get a code, people have to register and share some identification details. Enforcement will be done via checkpoints and spot inspections.

While Paris did not pick FORMATION to implement this, we do actually have QR code security built into our app. In this article we’ll show you how this works and how you might use it to do access control in your workplace.

How does it work

To control access:

  1. Security guards may ask people to show them their verification code
  2. The user then opens the FORMATION app on their phone and shows them the code in their profile.
  3. The code refreshes every few seconds to reduce the opportunities for people to abuse the code.
  4. The security guard then scans the code with the FORMATION app.
  5. They then see the profile photo on their screen with a green check mark.
  6. The check mark proves that the code belongs to a verified user in FORMATION.
  7. The information in the QR code is digitally signed by FORMATION and cannot be forged.
  8. The profile photo allows the security guard that the person showing the code is the verified person.

Use cases

Identity verification with QR Codes can be as good as a passport check. All this takes is a special flag in the user profile that can only be modified by authorized people doing a manual passport check or some other form of identity verifification. We have big plans for building out this feature to support different use cases:

  • Allow people to enter restricted areas.
  • Ticketing control for events and conferences.
  • Electronic locks that open for authorized users with a valid code.

Combined with a feature that allows an admin to mark user profiles for which a passport or other identity check has taken place, this can be as good as showing an actual passport. The codes are only valid for a few seconds and continuously refresh on the screen. This makes the solution resistant against the codes being copied / stolen. And the codes are impossible to forge because they are signed with a private key.

If you want to learn more about how you can secure your facilities with FORMATION, sign up and try it out.