Collaborative Maps

FORMATION is the map based productivity solution for better collaboration in large workplaces.
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Why an interactive map?

Gain the overview – In large work environments such as a production facility, maintenance plant or office campus it is hard to keep track of everything. The interactive map provides you and your team with the best overview and tools to increase productivity and process flexibility.


Easy to use

We all know maps and use them almost on a daily basis. Now maps help you ease your workday.

Access from anywhere

Use your mobile device or desktop computer to access the information you need whenever and wherever you are.

Works in- & outdoors

Workplaces can cover vast areas with different characteristics. That’s why our maps work in- & outdoors.

Everything you need to deliver great work

Have the overview

Have the most complete overview of what is happening in your workplace including machines, people, tasks and more.

See how management of large workplaces becomes easy.


Find, don‘t search

Organize your workplace on map layers and quickly find what you need. No matter if it is a tool, location of a task or co-worker.

Learn about more ways we help teams to find what they need.

Organize your work digitally

Always know what, how and where to do it. Have access to all information needed from anywhere.

Eliminate information silos and increase efficiency by using digital communication.

See how digital work tools help streamline your workflows.


More flexible team coordination

Schedule team meetings, assign tasks with a location or share information. The interactive map makes it easy to coordinate your team’s work and enables you to benefit from more flexible processes.

See how to coordinate your team more easily.

Stay safe

Have the most up-to-date map with safety equipment and emergency exits right at your fingertips.

Learn about more ways we help teams to stay safe.


Analyze workplace and asset usage

Gain new insights by analyzing GDPR compliant location data. Understand how buildings and assets are actually used and gain more process transparency by tracking your orders to detect and resolve bottlenecks.

See how to leverage your powerful location data.

A solution for every team

There are many teams in large work environments. FORMATION helps every team individually but also brings them all together in one solution. You can start with one team or bring your whole company.


Whitepaper: The 7 Misconceptions of Mapping

7 Misconceptions of Mapping FORMATION White Paper

We wrote this whitepaper because when we were setting up our solution, we kept running into the same assumptions that unfortunately don’t apply to maps and their creation.

Of course it’s great to know about all the benefits a map delivers, but we should also be aware of the things that cause limitations.
Read all about the 7 most common and unfortunately wrong misconceptions here!

This project is supported by the European Social Fund and the state of Berlin.
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Let’s put your team on the map!