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FORMATION is the location based productivity app for your team.
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FORMATION Interactive Map app for workers with indoor and outdoor positioning for better teamwork as well as coordination

FORMATION – The location based productivity tool

An Interactive Map to boost team performance

The Interactive Maps is the center of the app which makes it quick and easy to find work materials and colleagues as well as to manage tasks or meetings. You can also share location specific knowledge as of Points of Interest or interact with IoT devices and more.

FORMATIONS’ location based productivity tool is the solution to your operational challenges!

Challenge 1


Is your workplace so big that it is difficult to know what‘s going on?

Challenge 2


Do your workers and things move and change constantly making it difficult to coordinate?

Challenge 3


Is your current solution to dealing with large and dynamic workplaces hiring more managers?

How a location based productivity tool can help you

Use the Interactive Map to find the indoor and outdoor position of what you are looking for in your workplace

Find, Don‘t Search

Get back up to 90% of the time spent on searching today.

Better teamwork due to more efficient coordination, information sharing and task management

Improve Teamwork

Coordinate and connect your team accross any large workplace.

FORMATION allows you to coordinate your team in large work environments for enhanced productivity and teamwork

Keep the overview

Get a quick snapshot on the map that shows you what is going on.

Use FORMATION to digitize your workplace by adding industrial IoT and other assets for tracking and information sharing

DigitALIZE Workplaces

 Digitalize processes for better information availability and to gain new insights.

Enhance worker safety with by reporting hazards and instant notifications for incidents in your work environment

Better Safety

Report safety hazards on the map and get help faster.

Benefit from access and analytics of your location data of your indoor and outdoor workplace in FORMATION

Data, the new gold

Gain access to and unlock the power of your location data – GDPR compliant.

How Interactive Maps are reshaping your industry

Manufacturing & Maintenance

Gain back the time that your team spends on searching or waiting for materials and tools every day. Enable your team to find what they need faster and to boost their teamwork.
Discover how interactive maps can help to speed up and digitize processes.

FORMATION Manufacturing and maintenance increases productivity and teamwork in your facilities and work sites
FORMATION Facility Management uses Interactive Maps for improved productivity for building management

Facility Management

Finding and maintaining rooms, room bookings as well as guiding guests and visitors are everyday tasks, which interactive maps make more efficient.


Running big events is complex and challenging for teams. Use interactive maps to coordinate your team with ease, increase safety and assure that your event is a success.

FORMATION events is used by stadiums, trade shows, festivals and more for successful execution

Whitepaper: The 7 Misconceptions of Mapping

7 Misconceptions of Mapping FORMATION White Paper

We wrote this whitepaper because when we were setting up our solution, we kept running into the same assumptions that unfortunately don’t apply to maps and their creation.

Of course it’s great to know about all the benefits a map delivers, but we should also be aware of the things that cause limitations.
Read all about the 7 most common and unfortunately wrong misconceptions here!

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